Some LambTracker Bugs

We just finished sheep experiment week. We are working with the USDA on developing non-surgical AI procedures for sheep. Last year we successfully used LambTracker to collect a lot of data during the week on insemination depths, estrus characteristics etc. However, since then I had added the days in age calculation to the Evaluate Sheep function and did not test that the custom evaluations still worked. So LambTracker failed during the inseminations. I didn’t have time to debug it then but I do now and I need to do some re-writing of the days in age code to get it working again. I re-used a cursor I thought was not being used at all and that caused all sorts of database errors.

I am also adding a lot of the desktop functions to create and set breeding records, both the ram side and the ewe side that I did by hand last year. So far that is working fairly well but it’s slower than I’d like to get the data all in correctly.