Back Working

It’s been a long time since I posted. For the last couple of years we’ve been using LambTracker for all of our sheep tracking and data gathering. Lots of things need improvement and my list of enhancements I want to implement is getting longer every time we use it but overall it works well. Other projects took priority so nothing much was done on LambTracker to change the basic functions. I developed some workflow workarounds to cover the major bugs that impacted us and the enhancements, while nice, were not critical.

Well that has changed now.

First major change is that I’ve moved the development system off of GitHub to GitLab. With Microsoft buying GitHub I could not stay there. So all new work is on my GitLab account.

The latest big feature addition is that we now have a bluetooth scale and can send weight data directly to LambTracker. It’s still in work, today is the first time the new code will encounter the sheep as part of the yearly evaluations but it worked well during routhine sheep management tasks.