Database Changes

Making some changes to the database structure based on feedback from other rare breed breeders. I’ve moved the registration info out to a separate set of tables to account for sheep that may be registered with more than 2 registries. I have found some breeds with 3 or more different registrations, example US BWMS, UK BWMS and Natural Colored, so needed to allow for more than 2 different registration numbers per sheep. I’ve also started to add the tables and placeholders necessary to handle semen collections and dealing with lambs sired by rams that have died. Also embryo collection or eggs and handling lambs with a genetic mother who is different from the rearing mother for embryo transfer. That part is still a work in progress but I’m making headway.

Squashed a few more lambing bugs. Just in time. We are within the gestation period now and expect lambs any day now.