Desktop Musings

Been going round and round on several options for the LambTracker Desktop app.

Initial choices, Swing or Java FX. I had about settled on Swing because I really don’t want to keep supporting Oracle. Then Cards or not as a structure. Was still waffling back and forth and then this:

Run Android Apps in Chrome Browser

APK Packager

Started following the details, the required SW is now on the Google Play Store so it’s more official with every passing minute.

A quick test showed that on Linux machines LambTracker runs. The only issue is trying to figure out where the virtual SD card is. I need to know so I can backup and work with the database. I didn’t’ get it running on my Mac yet but I haven’t really had time to play with it much either.

Anyway, I’m attempting to get the existing LambTracker application running on my Mac and do some further testing.

One option is to write an Android Activity that is the desktop side assuming that this will continue as an option and go from there. One advantage, it buys us cross platform capability right away.

Still pondering but this looks promising.