Lambing Lull

We are now in the lull between batches of lambs. Had 9 ewes left to go but now down to 8.

So my focus is shifting to the desktop and cleanup of the mobile application.

Overall design of the desktop side is progressing well. I’ve been writing out a bunch of different structures and doing bench testing and some scenarios to test them. I think I am finally getting a handle on what will work best and allow for future expansion easily. I am also working on the NSIP data collection sections. Most of the data should be collected as a normal part of sheep management but the key is alerting the user to missing data and formatting the data for delivery to LambPlan in Australia. That task has to be done on the desktop side.

I am also starting to go back through all of LambTracker Mobile and pulling out common code into a Utilities class. I’m trying to clean up the rather messy structures I have now. It is slow going as I usually mange to break something with each section I pull out.

There isn’t much activity on the GitHub site as I am not pushing changes until I get to test them more here.