Lambing Module First Testing

First Lambs of 2014

Pair of ram lambs. First of 2014 and also via AI.



LambTracker Lambing module encountered live sheep for the first time today. 2 sets of twins. We uncovered a few work flow issues. It’s important to get all the tags ready and enter everything but the weight in LambTracker before you actually tag the lambs or weigh them due to going back and forth with the screen and input. Lamb slime is not good for a touch screen. Neither is snow melting and falling on it causing erroneous key presses.

However, in spite of the weather issues the program worked well and all 4 lambs born so far today were processed properly.

3 known issues that need work:

  1. LookUpSheep only looks up the first sheep with a given tag. Fine for ear tags that are not duplicated but a problem for the paint brands we put on the sheep at birth.
  2. I didn’t get the edit the Lambing History record part finished so for now adding the details of the birth is being done on my Mac by hand directly into the database.
  3. Related to above I also didn’t finish adding the paint brand to the ewe record section. SO I am also adding that by hand on the Mac directly into the database.

The items are not really bugs, just functions that are not written yet or not finished.

We are having snow storms and we have a number of ewes looking ready to go in the next 24 hours so LambTracker is likely to get a workout.