ConvertToEID works!

First test against live sheep. We had no program crashes. The database was properly updated. Old farm tags that we had to cut out of sheep ears got marked as removed. New EID tags got added to the database with a tag_date_on of today and attached to the correct sheep. Sheep that had an alert in their record because they are scheduled to be butchered soon came up with an alert and did not get an EID tag.

All of our breeding rams are now identified with Shearwell EID SET tags. One ram jumped out of the chute and did not get his tag replaced. However due to his behavior he may become a dinner sheep and not need an EID tag.

We had a few user interface issues. Some of the buttons to add tags, remove tags and update the database were too close to each other. I have moved them around as suggested and we are ready to do the main conversion of the ewe flock now.